Point Reyes, California

Dark corners of my mind – Solo Backpacking in Point Reyes

“How was your backpacking trip this weekend?”

“I hated it.”

No, seriously. I’m glad I did it, perfectly happy with the experience afterward, but a solo backpacking trip to Point Reyes revealed several interesting things to me – one of them being that I don’t like backpacking alone.

I’m perfectly happy on the trail, but not at camp.

Feeling a little Miur-ian, I’m bouncing along the trail to Coast Camp, a roughly six mile trek into gorgeous coastal grounds. It only takes me three or so hours as I sped along ridge, forest, and into camp. This is where things got a little dark for me. I started setting up camp and volleys of self-reflection wash over me. Good, bad, in between, they don’t stop.

What am I going to do for the next six or so hours? I brought a book and a pen and paper for musings, but after making dinner, a walk to the beach, and trying to relax, time opened up before me and became a struggle to stay busy. I am not good at doing nothing apparently.

I need a task if I’m going to solo backpack again.

I think my main problem was getting to camp too early. If I ever go again (I better!) I think I’d likely try a much longer trail, camp mainly to sleep and rejuvenate. I originally had two nights planned, one at Coast Camp and one at Sky Camp but decided to bail. I felt bad doing so, as camping spots here can book up to six months in advance. I got these in February!

Too much time doing nothing forced my hand. If I’d brought some sort of work, I think it would have been better. Oops.

At least I got to watch a really nice sunset while sipping tequila.

2 thoughts on “Dark corners of my mind – Solo Backpacking in Point Reyes

  1. You could always meditate, do yoga, or read while you are out there! If you’re into that sort of thing. But longer trails / less time at camp is a great idea too, nature does a swell job of keeping the mind uplifted in my opinion.

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