Light is where you find it


Summer and sprinklers never disappoint

You know its hot when the sun bakes your camera, making it too much to touch. Emily Kiyomi and I were willing to brave an afternoon in August several years back on the Sacramento State campus. Summer meant the grounds were a ghost-town, the hot sun further guaranteed that fact. Why we set out during the hottest part of the day still escapes me, but thinking back, maybe it made the most sense…

After wandering around, searching for light, the sun began its slow fall back towards the horizon. Only a slight angle was needed to cast angled shadows, but the effect always astonishes me standing beneath the great tree canopy that is Sacramento.


This stomping ground of sorts is where I learned that the best light isn’t always perfect, and being forced to find it amid 90+ degree temperatures can be quite the spark for creativity. A flint of light of the sliver of glass, or even a stray sprinkler left on can provide a venerable playground for those seeking it.

Yes, perhaps the oddest thing to happen to your mind is the leaps and bounds it cane take when bored. I can clearly remember one professor haranguing us, “Work through the boredom…” Challenge is one thing, but sheer boredom makes the mind dull, which becomes the soft play-doh for molding and learning thereafter. These buildings blocks provide the support for overcoming challenges later on. Odd that I’m only remembering this now, after a few stints of boredom and not getting anywhere. Remind me to be bored more often.

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