I probably hadn’t my hands on the first digital camera of mine for more than a few months before I was quickly tinkering with exposure and composition in ways that would inform my future photographer-self. A Pentax K20D body, and two manual focus lenses, a 28mm and 50mm, I set about photographing anything I could, in any source of light possible. One subject was the obvious choice, my parents, Don and Elsa.

They have a side yard, where light would pour in through tiny channels from the neighboring line of trees. I found that one could quickly make a harsh-light studio set up with deep shade and intense, direct sunlight. I set the camera to a high contrast black & white mode and started snapping.

The particulars of this camera setting made skin look unflattering but I loved it all the same. Contrasy shadows and nearly two-tone looks produces super punchy yet deep images, ones my parent would hate me for if they knew I was posting. Sorry guys!


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