White Tale Coffee

White Tale Coffee Review

Offering subscriptions with an array of beans and flavor profiles, White Tale Coffee brings an interesting subscription service along the lines of Birch Box or Cairn, only in coffee form.

Shoppers can pick from any variety of options to match their taste in coffee. From light roasts, favorite flavors, to grind settings, you get to customize the exact type of wake-me-up-juice you’ll be receiving. Not sure if you want to commit? White Tale even offers pre-paid and single shipments so you can experiment to suit your taste buds.

With an emphasis on convenience and source, there’s even a story behind the brew you’re drinking. Stamped on every bag of beans is the country of origin, roast date, and even variety of what you’re drinking.

I happened to receive a three-pack sampler of dark roasts from White Tale, which were brewed up pretty quickly at 2 oz. With several different flavors to choose from, I opened them all up at once to do some at-home cupping.

While the differences were great, I did find a bit of over-roasting with these darks. The intense smokiness was awesome first thing in the morning, but I did wish for a bit more flavor profile. That being said, they would make great every day of the week coffee, but may lack for that special weekend cup. I’m assuming that may be the point, since a delivery service is for those that drink a lot, or tend to be forgetful when at the grocery store.

With that, one has to decide if frequency and convenience are worth the price. With my coffee habits, I would pay roughly $110 for deliveries every two weeks (one cup a day) for a full three months. If my math is correct, that ends up being about 81 cents a cup, which isn’t terribly pricey.

Make sure to do something searching on your own, as White Tale Coffee offers different subscriptions rates depending on how far you pre-pay.

White Tale Coffee

Disclosure – I received this product from White Tale Coffee for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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