Camping welcomes you to Summer

10 thoughts on “Camping welcomes you to Summer”

  1. This post REALLY made me want to go backpacking. Lovely photos, too. One of my favorite trips was to Lake Shoshone in Yellowstone NP. Lovely, and very secluded for such a popular park.

    1. Don’t worry, I’m going backpacking later in May too. My goal is two trips a month during Summer. That spot sounds awesome, I love tucked away secrets. Any gems that came out of it?

      1. Two trips a month sounds ideal!
        I think the highlight for me was when two bison trotted up right behind us on one of the trails. We scrambled up a hill to get out of the way- they were HUGE- and they plowed right on by, snorting. Also the starts were some of the best I’ve ever seen. And of course, the natural hot springs and geysers. What a strange place.

  2. Great photos, makes we want to grab my tent and get out there! How do you get the fancy star pictures?

    Like you I haven’t been camping for year, before we did it late last summer and it was great!! Definitely doing more of that this summer. The only thing I don’t love about camping is that you have to book a campground spot here. Back home you can camp where ever you want without getting into trouble:)

      1. We will get out there for sure – but maybe wait a month or so, it is still below freezing here during the night! 🙂 We are 1000 meter above sea level so takes bit longer for spring to really thaw things up.

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