Arnold, California

An A-frame in Arnold

Through a Spring of change, it finally feels like things may be settling down a bit. I’d have to say, it’s been one of the busiest I’ve experienced.

Work changes, family changes, loved ones lost, others moving on, the onset of anxious thoughts, a new drive to create more… I could keep going, but it wouldn’t make a very pleasing blog post.

What would make a halfway decent post is describing a cool little a-frame cabin my girlfriend, Kelly and I, found in Arnold, CA. Almost exactly two hours’ drive from Sacramento, it is posted on the hillside just off the Highway 4.

Minutes from Big Trees State Park, several caverns, and the awesome main drag of the town of Murphys, we languished the time, but as is the case, Thursday slammed right into Monday.

Late into Saturday, we wandered around Big Trees State Park. In my opinion, it’s better to go a bit later into the day. We arrived at about 2 p.m. but sauntered through the trails until maybe 6 or so, which meant very little people to contend with. Perfect weather greeted us and only hunger made us really want to leave.

Next up, quick breakfast on Sunday and out to Mercer Caverns. It’s OK to be a tourist some days, after all, and soaking up the cool underground of an ancient cave was pure fun.


One can’t forget a little stargazing when out in the woods; a tiny patio gave us a partial view of the night sky and an all-too-bright moonrise to contend with. No mind. Sleep, repeat, back to work.

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