Short hike to roaring Bassi Falls

A great day hike was exactly what I needed, especially after a few months without any mountains. My friend Erik suggested Bassi Falls, which is near Union Valley Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada range. We were hoping for massive amounts of runoff from our recent and history snowfall this past winter.

We were pleasantly rewarded…

A short two miler led us through some pine forest to an initial cascade, above. It was good but not amazing, so we ventured forth. A little further in was the real prize. Bassi Falls was roaring and churning, spitting mist all the while. We could see it from a great distance and even hear it from an impressive ways off.

Most of the crowds stayed near the base of the falls but we just had to venture up into the mist. Scrambling on some rocks we made it to the top, with every step of the way offering more and better views of the fall itself.

Short post, but why make a good thing longer than it needs to be. Needless to say, I’ll go to bed happy after going back to ‘church’.

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