Hedge Creek Falls, Mount Shasta

Quick trip to Hedge Creek Falls and Mt. Shasta

Mia’s birthday weekend snuck up and we needed a quick out-of-town. We bolted up to Mount Shasta for a stay at the McCloud Mercantile Hotel to see the sights and be downright lazy.

Along the way we stopped at Hedge Creek Falls, which was positively roaring right now due to all the rains in California as of late. An awesome quick ‘hike’ in takes you inside the waterfall, as the lead image shows.


Birthday girl, Mia, poses for a quick one near the end of the trail


We also had a nice time in the city of McCloud but quickly found out there wasn’t much to do in the town itself. Burgers at Frosty’s then back to the hotel to play cards and veg out. Bet you didn’t think this blog post would be so quick, eh? You might be as surprised as I am that we didn’t take more pictures, but there it is!

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