Gasp! I went to Yosemite and wasn’t blown away.

10 thoughts on “Gasp! I went to Yosemite and wasn’t blown away.”

  1. Gasp! I’m blown away by your detachment… you make your point well but the photos are awesome… Love the Muir quote!

      1. The photos are awesome, so for the viewer it’s hard to imagine that it’s not a place to be blown away. I was parodying your post title in an attempt at a joke. Look, here’s my smiley face 🙂

      2. I wasn’t trying to say that anyone or no one should feel the same way, more my mixture of emotions as I didn’t respond like others had said it might. I’ve had great suggestions by others to do a few specific hikes outsides the immediate Valley, which I do plan on doing. And now, a smiley face. 🙂

  2. Hey There! I actually love this post.
    In my experience many people are, as you say, “blown away,” when they see Yosemite, and the majority of those many visitors grapple with the annoyance of crowded trails, roads, and campgrounds. I have to say that the visitors I converse with can see beyond the circus that is (let’s say) Tunnel View on a Saturday in July. Tunnel View is one of the most iconic vistas in the world shall we say? It’s popularity is undeniable, even with the advent of social media.
    And ah yes, social media! What a controversial topic in the outdoor world. It is so fun to share the places we’ve been and the wonderful images we’ve captured, but does that take away from visitor’s who come after us? Does it change their perceptions, reactions, expectations, the list could go on and on…
    I live and work in Yosemite Valley. Part of my job is to find meaningful connections between nature and her visitors; 9 out of 10 times though, it isn’t necessarily a view that people remember, it is some overwhelming feeling that comes over them– if it’s observing a bear, it’s a 10/10–whether the feeling is anger at the traffic, or not getting a campsite, or elation after reaching the top of Half Dome (or actually being selected for a permit) visitors remember the feeling. For better or worse, your underwhelmed feeling is legitimate, because it is how you felt. Anyways, just thoughts on a page!

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