Rumpl Beer Blanket Review

Rumpl Beer Blanket Review

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Put a puffy on that beer!

…And that’s not an exaggeration. Those of us used to the outdoors know that a little insulation can go a long way. Puffy jackets offer awesome warmth and very little weight, so why not apply that philosophy to your beer koozie?

The fun folks at Rumpl did just that. Traditionally offering an insulated blanket, they brought the idea down to earth via favorite can of beer.

The Beer Blanket is a tin-swaddling bundle of goodness that cradles your suds in cold comfort. Each blanket does what any good puffy will: Keeps things insulated, even when wet, packs into itself, and looks cool in the process.

Rumpl Beer Blanket Review

I found them to work pretty darn well, despite what some may call a gimmick. (Those people don’t know how to have fun anyways.) Fitting a wide range of cans, fat bottles, and even some rocks glasses, they kept the sweat off my hands and the cold in the cans. I wouldn’t fathom doing a scientific stress test for these, but each drink seems as cold as the last, nearly down to the last few sips.

The best part about the Beer Blanket is its surprise. Keep it in a pocket, then bust out when the timing is right for a “I can’t believe that thing is real” kind of look. Even if you don’t get impressive comments, the one true benefit of these is that they pack anywhere, vs. a traditional koozie that keeps an awkward shape.

At $7 each, or $30 for a six-pack, they make awesome gifts for others or yourself. Go ahead, splurge on a beer koozie that matches your jacket!

Disclosure: I received this product from Rumpl for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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