Hydroflask 64 oz. Growler Review

Hydroflask 64 oz Wide Mouth Growler Review

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They’re not making this stuff up…

Hydro Flask makes a tall promise: Keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 is a feat indeed but time and time again is proving to me as true. In the latest round of “We told you so” I try out the monstrous 64 oz Wide Mouth Growler with Hydro Flask’s new Flex Cap and am once again pleasantly surprised.

First off, let’s get my non-scientific test out of the way. Ice goes in on Friday, comes out Monday, a full 72 hours later. By hour 48, I still had three quarters of it left, by the end, I had about one quarter. This is with multiple openings of the cap and left out in the open air on 85 degree, summer days. I’d say that’s a success.

Hydroflask 64 oz. Growler Review
Icy cold ice, 24 hours later

Ice is one thing, but beer is another. Honestly, I can’t keep brew in here long enough to do a good test but it did stay cold and it did stay frothy after being jugged around in the trunk of my car in transit from brewery to home. That’s about five hours from the time it was filled (a Beeline Blonde from Track 7 Brewing) to the time it was completely consumed. There was a very slight leak though I think that was more to do with me transportation is sideways and not tightening the lid enough.

Have I tried it hot? Nobody drinks that much coffee, I hope, but I think we’re say to call this one.

Insulation test aside, build quality are in Hydro Flask’s standard form, excellent. Sturdy and solid, the cap grips firmly onto the wide mouth and nothing shakes around. The brushed aluminum isn’t as prone to scratches as I thought and doesn’t slip around in the hands too much. Other colors have a powder-coat finish, which makes them even more durable, but if you like the classic look, no worries here.

Speaking of the new Flex Cap, I found it much more useful than the previous neck-attached versions. Doubling as a hand hold makes it super easy to lug around. Also feels just as nice as any other Hydro Flask lid.

Hydroflask 64 oz. Growler Review

Some might think 60 bucks is steep for a growler though do keep in mind, if you’re carting around beverages or going from brewer to a party, keeping your drink chilly can be tricky. Even thinking about the time it takes to drink whatever’s inside and you start to see the picture. This thing makes it worth the convenience, especially if the wait is long.

Disclosure: I received this product from Hydro Flask for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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