CloudLine Sock Review

CloudLine Socks Review

CloudLine rocks your wool sock collection in the best way possible.

The kind folks at CloudLine Apparel recently sent me a few pairs of socks to try out, which was handy because I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair. I still haven’t found them but from what I have noticed so far, these might come the closest. Very, very close…

I’ve said it before, my feet are the pickiest thing about me. I rarely get blisters because of this, so merino wool is my pick for materials. It regulates temperature and wicks sweat better than other fabrics I’ve tried it.

With three different thicknesses, you get a choice of medium, light, or ultra light cushioning, and an ankle length version of the ultra light, all in modern colors.


Comfortable from the minute I put them on, they’ve performed better than expected. I had the light version (my new favorite standard) on in hugely different temperature ranges one day, from snow in the morning, to sneakers in the afternoon. Never did my feet get too cold or too hot and clammy! In fact, these are the first pair of socks I wasn’t clamoring to take off post-hike, even on an 85 degree day. I left ’em on the whole ride home without so much a bother. My ONLY complaint is that I wish there was an ankle-high version. I’m a summer hiker, so want something without as much height.

Updated 5.15

Apparently there is an ankle-high version of the light cushion coming! Should be sometime in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for it.

The ultra-lights are a mixed bag for me. They’re pretty comfy, especially for wool socks, but my feet put out too much moisture and really needed the extra cushioning. That isn’t to say they’re bad, in fact probably the best thin wool socks I’ve tried; more that I personally need more fluffy to stay comfy.

Summer came too quickly to try out the medium cushion, though they feel like the same high quality as the others. If you need heavy cushioning or are doing tasks in cold weather, goes for these.

If you’re wondering about build, the CloudLines come in around 63% wool, 33% nylon and 3% spandex. Why does all this matter? Too much wool and you don’t get the durability or softness of nylon, too little and you don’t get enough moisture wicking/odor fighting properties. These guys got them just right.

At about 20 bucks per pair, they are fairly priced for what you get, a high quality wool sock that feels like it’ll last. My hopes is that they make it into some large retailers so those prices will come down a bit for a real steal. In the meantime, pony up and buy a pair. With a satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong!

Disclosure – I received these products from CloudLine Apparel for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and honest.

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