Planning an Eliason/Alexander Wedding

My sister, Carmina, and brother-in-law, Paul, couldn’t have picked a better spot to get hitched than the mountains. Add on top of that a great cabin locale at Pinecrest Chalet that makes a scenic backdrop, as well as harkens to both our family histories (on Dad’s side at least).

The other fun bit is they’re doing the wedding nearly all on their own, which means all hands on deck for certain logistics. When my sis mentioned we’ll have a few nights stay in the cabins, Mia and I jumped at the chance, took off early on a Friday and braved five inches of snow in my Ford Focus. We survived the trip and arrived just in time for a gorgeous flurry of heavy snow.


While the cabin campground was a late-spring wonderland, it melted the next day in upper 60s, although a solo morning walk was something to behold in the forest that day. I did feel a little selfish wandering some trails with just me and my Canon, but the hour was worth it. Quickly melting powder off of the trees creating a snowy waterfall. The air around me was lit was sparkling dust and I had to stop several times just to admire the scene. Back to the fam to “help” with details.

Our cabin, guarded by Paul Bunyan.

An eventful day of talking shop, visiting caterers and DJs sauntered by. Evening finds us again. The main amphitheater where the party will take place is lit from other guests looking to use the Chalet for much the same purpose. Carmina and Paul decide to see if the stage lighting will be enough so I come along to grab some overtly moody shots. I promise it’s not as creepy in person.

How do you end such a great weekend of hanging out with family, bonding, and planning one of your sister’s biggest events? A quick trip to Pinecrest Lake, of course… Needless to say, we can’t wait for the wedding!


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