PG&E Powerhouse, Sacramento, CA

Return to the creepy abandoned interiors of the Powerhouse

It’s been years but I finally made it back. A creepy, dank, and brooding space, the PG&E Powerhouse is a shell waiting to be transformed. Plans have been in place for quite some time though it seems things have never lined up for the space to become a Science Museum. I have heard that changes should be coming soon.

Until then, the Powerhouse is a joy and anxious trip for me, as the interior never feels quite safe, even though I’m there for work. One seems to not truly relax in such a building.

Pigeons make inconsistent sounds at all times and dark corners and shadows trick the eye. This time, at least, I had an intern to share the experience with, as seen in the lead image.

PG&E Powerhouse, Sacramento, CA

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