TripTarp Review

Coming Soon: TripTarp helps you organize and stay sheltered

Your “gear list” just got upgraded with the yet to be released TripTarp, a multi-function swath of nylon that features a gridded list slapped onto a handy tarp.

UPDATE – The TripTarp has reached Kickstarter status and has until Dec. 12th to get funded. Go help them out!

Packing for the outdoors is fun and exciting. All part of the trip, figuring out what goes in your bag is critical to any planning, though it can have an element of concern. Forgetting items can make an outing less comfortable or downright gnarly. Lists help that symptom but having extra tools for organizing never hurts. The TripTarp serves to leave worry to the wind when packing by slicing items in your gear list into neat, visually sorted spaces on a handy 5×7 foot tarp that can double as a camp shelter.

The tarp is a great way for visual organizers to get gear sorted in one spot and see what they have or need for a trip. With lists that cover the essentials and comfort extras, it does a good job of keeping the extraneous out.

Even when prepping for short trips, I find myself constantly going over lists and second guessing myself. Did I pack the toilet paper? Where is my headlamp? Whiskey?

The TripTarp actually helped sooth that anxiety. Putting all my stuff into a grid then checking off each item as it appeared in the section made the process less stressful and much less organized.

TripTarp Review

So who is the TripTarp for? The website says beginners or experts, but I have another group in mind: the mid-range backpacker. Those with a few trips in their experience but not quite an expert; maybe someone who’s looking to scale down on gear. Having a visual assembly of items can assist in the load-lightening effort and this is the perfect tool for doing just that.

Made of 70D, weather-proofed ripstop nylon, the TripTarp strikes a nice balance of light and tough. At 8.8 oz, it might not be for the ultra-light backpacker going on extended trips, but may be nice for someone who wants a security blanket in case of heavy winds or light rain. Four corner ties and four grommets help you lash or lean-to in inclement situations.

TripTarp Review

The build quality seems great with tight stitching on the outer seams, but time will tell how much abuse the lighter weight ripstop can hold up to. My only gripe is the color. White makes for ease in reading items, but will get dirty fast. It also isn’t the most subtle color while in the backcountry or camping. I’d love to see the same product but in a lower contrast palette, perhaps with more earthy colors.

With a new design on its way, I’m very curious to see how other people get accustomed to the TripTarp and if they find more than a few uses for it. Hopefully, as the lineup expands, they could take the idea into even more packable items like camp towels, table covers, blankets etc.

TripTarp Review

Disclosure: TripTarp provided this product for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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  1. The TripTarp crew (well, me) would like to thank Carlos for the solid overview, and superb close-ups. If anyone has any questions, drop ’em here. Glad to answer them, or share what’s next for TT. Thanks for reading!

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