Here we find ourselves again. The cliff that takes us to the edge of a cycle in our lives. Newness and promises, the allure of betterment, and altogether a beginning, the New Year is any culture’s escape to the simultaneous past and future.

I take the precious time to remind myself of the things I’ve learned. Some years back, I made the only resolution that’s really ever mattered in my life: Not to make any more resolutions, but just do, rather than resolve. So far, so good.

The second thing I’ve recently come to enjoy (after the fact) is that a comfort zone is a stagnant one, and the “new”, while uncomfortable, is an exploding garden of color and experience. Walk its path slowly and embrace energy it provides.

That being said, a collection of images from my year best sums up the things I’ve learned, people I’ve met, and self-imposed barriers I’ve overcome. I’m always proud to be able to gather my collection as such and reflect with eyes gleaming. Enjoy.

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