Outdoor Holiday Gift Guide

Outdoor Holiday Gift Guide Round Up

“Looking for something to give that special someone who loves the outdoors?”

The phrase is typical, probably over-used, but all the same useful. We could all use a little help, but with every source vying for your attention and dollars, it’s hard to rummage through every holiday gift guide this year. I’ve decided to do the hard part for you! It’s 2015 so why not enjoy a guide for all those gift guides.

Enjoy some of the better gift guides I’ve come across and Happy Holidays!

GearJunkie – Gifts to Make Any Camper Happy

GearJunkie Gifts for Campers
Some unique items in this one, don’t forget to check out the awesome looking tent stakes with new designs.

Backcountry.com Gift Guide

Backcountry Holiday Gift Guide

Typical retailer fare, but does a nice job of categorizing gifts activity/setting. Don’t dive in unless you’ve got lots of time.

Huckberry – Holiday Shop

Huckberry - Holiday Shop

Go full hipster with these bespoke, unabashedly cool and hand-crafted-esque gifts. Love the outdoor espresso set.

Outside Online Gift Guide

Outside Online Holiday Gift Guide

Another big one, Outside Online has very broad categories with nicely curated items that aren’t the typical or often looked at.

DudeIWantThat – Outdoor Gifts

DudeIWantThat Outdoor Gifts

Man-centric and a bit comedic, this one has a ton of gift that ooze testosterone in the best way possible. Perfect for the lumbersexual in  your life. Or someone who’s trying way too hard.

PopSugar – Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women Who Camp, Hike, Rock Climb

PopSugar Best-Gifts-Outdoorsy-Women-Who-Camp-Hike-Rock-Climb

Could use a LOT more items, this is a short guide with some girlfriend approved gifts. Also, why are there not more female-focused outdoor gift guides?

Uncrate – The Outdoorsman Gift Guide

Uncrate Gift Guide

Want to spend a lot of money? Like to ogle at fancy items you’ll probably never buy? Click away!

REI – Gift Ideas for the Holidays

REI Gift Ideas

Of course… REI does a nice job every year of organizer all of their gear into easily digestible tiles. From low to high they’ve got new release and old classics.

The Roaming Pint – The Craft Beer Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Roaming Pint Gift Guide

Bonus round: Beer goes so well with the outdoors so why not grab something for those that love to imbibe. Keep an eye out for the HydroFlask Insulate Pint!

Am I missing anything? Seen any massive lists with awesome gear? Let me know!


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