Finally… some snow, space and silence

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This is a difficult time for certain types of people. The pressures of familial get-togethers, holiday shopping, even the time of year alone can be a hard trigger for some. Getting the chance to decompress may be scarce and at that it might relieve all that much pressure.

I’m not one of those and I say that, not to flaunt, but to further remind myself that space and silence are still important. The blankness that is a walk in the cold, the confrontation of self, and meditation therein are certainly healers, but one still has to be willing to take on a bit of discomfort.


The itch continues, so I scratch. On a sunny, then blustery afternoon, I finally got the chance to dive into some fresh snow in the Sierras which consequently meant a bit of the cold I crave. Although I was “working” -more on that later- I did smuggle in a few moments of negative space in the woods, for which my brain was supremely thankful for.


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