Orange Vessel Growler Review

Orange Vessel Beer Growler Review

Sublime and sexy, the Orange Vessel Beer Growler will turn heads at any local brewery.

For the uninitiated, growlers are containers, usually 64 oz., patrons use to fill up beer at local breweries. For the familiar, growlers can be a source of pride. A show-off at the local shop, the growler doubles as a conversation piece and convenient storage option for almost two liters of suds. I recently became that guy…

The Orange Vessel website says it perfectly, “…We had the grand epiphany that our glass growlers, while functional, were far from the best that growlers could be,” and it nearly feels that OV themselves got as close to that statement as possible.

Made out of stoneware, with comfortable handle ring and tight-as-can-be lift cap, the Orange Vessel beer growler is a talking point. Heavy and solid, nearly every time I walk in to get it filled someone comments on how nice it looks. Most consider it ceramic, but no, I get to revel in the fact that this growler is made out of stone and fired at 2,000 degrees, then glazed with a sexy finish.

On my last fill, I visited Track 7 Brewery, in Sacramento, for sixty-four of the Hoppy Palm Pale Ale. Sure enough, the ultra tight seal cap kept in all of the carbonation during a transport home. But, functionality isn’t everything in the beer world.

The eye-catching finish is, for me, the crown jewel of this jug. I chose a Charcoal finish, semi matte finish glaze for me, and couldn’t be happier. Smooth to the touch and not overly glossy, the OV is a pleasure to touch every time you pour a pint.

My only issue is the slightly awkward seal cap. Somewhat goofy as first, you do get a hang of keeping it after out of the way of your pour. Gallons later and you’re a pro.

Orange Vessel Growler Review
The sexiest finish on a beer growler, ever.

Except to pay a bit a small premium for this growler, but it’s all worth the price of entry. The growler comes in at $59, with twenty for shipping. Don’t be too surprised, as the heavy padded shipment is a must to keep everything secure. Who would pay that much? Anyone looking for an awesome gift for a beer lover. With custom options available, you can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to see what Orange Vessel comes up with next for beer lovers.

Disclosure: I received this product at a discount from Orange Vessel for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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