Every year, Uptown Studios puts on a fundraiser to gather the most socks possible for those in need of toasty feet in the Sacramento area. Called Sock It To me, this marks the 5th year in the endeavor and a hefty goal of 25,000 socks. Of course, with a five year milestone, something fun was bound to happen… That was came embodied in the form of ridiculously cute sock monkeys.

Being that Mia, my girlfriend, works for the fine folks Uptown Studios, I was obliged to help her in whichever way she needed. That meant capturing her monkey, aptly named Sock Cousteau, in all of the adventures we undertake. Easy!

Sock Cousteau relaxes after a day chopping wood

Of course, the end result is that each of these shares spreads the word of the sock drop, but who can resist an adorable sock monkey, named for the adventures he embodies. So go ahead, donate or bring some socks by Uptown’s office. Donations will be taken in until December 11, giving you plenty of time to purchase some preferably warm and dark foot gloves for those in need.

And remember, think of the monkeys.

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