I’ve been in a fair share of settings that have totally creeped me out; abandoned powerhouses, eerie forests, and parks that have weird vibes going on, all usually make for some pretty surreal photos if you stay long enough and absorb your surroundings.

Being that today is arguably the spookiest of all days of the year -besides Dia de los Muertos, of course- I decided to put together some photos of all the spookiest places I’ve been. Enjoy!

Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CAAn derelict factory, ready for redevelopment, the Ice Blocks Projects is one of the creepiest places in town right now. Although it will be spick and span once the overhaul happens, I’d hate to be stuck in this place at night.

PG&E Powerhouse

Being alone in an abandoned powerhouse is almost as bad as it gets. Ghostly noises, unnerving breezes and dark corners make you second guess all of your senses. Add to that the pigeons flying about and this experience is straight out of a horror movie.


Before the Sacramento Valley Station started undergoing some major renovation of its structure, it had been abandoned for some time. Almost 60% of the building was unused and hadn’t been touched. Again, alone, and superbly anxious, basements are and aren’t fun places to be.


With as relaxing as the cabin is, the woods behind it somehow suck up all light at night, which makes night shots hard and rather spooky. Pretty much the only way I can rummage around at here is with a belly full of whiskey. Liquid courage, you know.

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Oh, the Clarksburg Sugarmill. Rumor’s always spread in high school about how the place was haunted and even in broad daylight you feel as if you’re being watched when walking around. Having a giant white owl fly directly at you does not help. It’s too bad they’ve restricted entry into this place as of late.


Being a State Historic Park doesn’t make Bodie, CA any less fun and freaky to be in. An abandoned mining town you can nearly fully explore, it’s worth a day trip to. Just make sure you go when foreboding clouds fly overhead.



Although a great place to watch the stars, Henningsen Lotus Park in Coloma, CA can quickly become a bit terrifying when someone strung out on drugs approaches your night picnic spot like a zombie. Although the likelihood of that happening again is rather low, I’m likely not to return to this spot.

_MG_9082-2Of course, camping is the best time for ghost stories! This shot is from a recent trip to Mt. Whitney, where the stars were plentiful, a campfire glowed dimly, and I wondered what was lurking beyond the redwoods…


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