Tank solid and optically fantastic, the LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight is, without a doubt, the best torch I’ve ever owned – a true photographer’s flashlight.

Doubling up on gear functionality is something I try to do as often as possible. If I invest a lot of money into one item, it better last a really long time or pull duty as useful in a lot of different areas. Hence the chunk of change one can put into a flashlight.

I needed some new options and wanting something solid and bright, with few frills. I’m extremely pleased to say the LED Lenser P7.2 fills both of those needs all too well. I think it’s safe to say I’ve found a flashlight I’ll want to keep for years to come and one that will serve many of my needs, whether it’s taking night photos or just venturing off into the woods after dark.

LED Lenser P7.2 Flashlight Review

As you can see below, the P7.2 has an almost unrealistically smooth flood beam. Three AAA batteries power the super bright LED and it practically looks fake when you see it in real life.

Except for a bit of color aberration on the very edges, the entire flood circle is filled with smooth light, evenly illuminating whatever you point at. *This becomes an invaluable tool for photographing at night, when light painting is critical.

For non-photographers, the torch makes for a very eye-pleasing light to look at. While very bright, the light it projects isn’t harsh at this setting. It’s truly hard to describe in words or even photos; you have to see it in real life in order to appreciate how great this flashlight looks.

Need a little focus? The spot beam forces all of that light into a fierce stream, with a far draw and intensity that could even be dangerous. I feel a little better holding a light that could potentially blind anything charging towards me.

*As a side note, the lead photo in this article was taken with the P7.2 in conjunction with a quad-colored LED Lenser flashlight on the blue setting.

The flashlight does all of this with a very smooth-to-the-touch pull focus system as the head. To wrap everything together, the torch features a three-setting push button on the back.

One gooey/snappy click and the light sets to about full power. Another click and it goes to low power. Hold the button down and you get an ultra bright temporary mode. All easy to access and each very useful.

And now to the hard part, but before you choke, remember that a flashlight like this has to be seen to believe. $70 isn’t easy to swallow, but the LED Lenser P7.2 is their best selling light for an obvious reason, in real life. I was left gawking at how even the beam was, how easy it was to operate and just how damn well everything was put together. Heck, it’s even super water resistant.

Look at it this way: As long as you don’t lose it, the P7.2 will be with you for a really, really long time, lighting your way in the dark or blinding bears for years to come.

Disclosure: I received this product from LED Lenser for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.


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