AVEX Sundowner Rocks Glass Review

AVEX Sundowner Rocks Glass Review

Tough and tumble, the AVEX Sundowner Rock Glass feel solid, keeps your drink cold, and doesn’t add any extra flavor to those hard-earned cocktails.

I’ll be honest, and I usually am, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the AVEX Sundowner. I’ve tried insulated pints before and loved their ability to keep beer cold for much longer than the normal shaker glass, but an insulated rocks glass? What wizards are thinking up such devices and are they Scottish?

Whiskey, and other liquors, are one of those things where every element changes flavor and I wasn’t quite sure what to think about stainless steel hitting a favorite 12-year, let alone whatever cocktail I might be imbibing that night.

I was a wee bit worried about the feel of the glass, what it might do to a fine aged dram. Would the insulation work and keep my drink cold for four hours?

Well, rest your worries, because I never take four hours to down a drink and, yes, the Sundowner Insulated Rocks Glass lives up to its smokey promises.

A well-formed lip on the glass means business. It doesn’t feel clunky when sipping, nor does it impart any flavor on your drink. As this is the most important part of a glass, the Sundowner does darn well. As for the insulating properties, I found that cocktails stayed much colder than they would in a glass.

Other than that, what do you need? The textured finish feels great on the hands and a solid, slip proof base pats down nicely after a sip. For $20, the Sundowner might seem expensive, but if you want something sturdy and fun to drink out of, while actually enhancing your drinks a bit, 20 quid isn’t too much to ask for.

Disclosure: I received this product from AVEX for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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