Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA

The Ice Blocks Development – Sacramento, CA

I love me a creepy space and with Halloween coming up, what better time to take a tour of the Ice Blocks Development in Sacramento? I’ve had the brilliant opportunities of capturing some amazing redevelopment projects in downtown for my job and this one is no different. A full story is up on the City’s blog.

A former Crystal Ice factory, the space has thick walls, an industrial feel and plenty of liquid light through its hallways. I can’t wait to see this one finished with tenants in place; it is surely going to be an awesome project once finished.

-UPDATE Nov. 7, 2015-

The Ice Blocks structure suffered a catastrophic fire and looks like the building itself is a complete loss. Sad news for Sacramento and this development. Read the story from Sacramento Bee.

“The fire hit the century-old Crystal Ice and Cold Storage building at the southeast corner of 16th and R streets. Flames from the blaze could be seen throughout downtown and smoke filled the early morning air.” – Ryan Lillis, SacBee


Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA
An upper level doorway
Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA
Some sort of storage room…?
Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA
Ramps up to the ‘ice making’ section of the building
Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA
Long, dark hallways in abundance
Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA
One of the areas where ice was produced

Hopefully I’ll be invited back in the future to capture how the project rolls along. 🙂

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