On a bright clear day on Lake Natoma I got the chance to take some photos with fitness maven, Kelsey Jacoby.

When an old friend told me she needed some fitness photos, I jumped to the chance. Loving new challenges always pushes me in the right direction and taking a few for Kelsey Jacoby, Lifestyle Coach and Adventurer, totally fit the bill. We set out to grab shots of paddling, running and a few head shots, but had a blast in the meantime… Something I always strive for when doing any type of photography.

Starting out the shoot on the north side of Lake Natoma, we hit the trails. A footpath and bike trail made perfect backdrops for some ‘look yonder’ and running shots. Despite the cyclists, we made perfect use of the area, though I can only recommend lying down prickly weeds for so long. What ever it takes to grab the shot!


Afterward, a quick jaunt over to the CSUS Aquatic Center for some paddle-board and kayaking fun. Despite the crowds, I love this lake for its gentle (if cold) waters that perfectly suit a calming day on the water, for recreation or a great backdrop for photos.

I did not realize how hard photographing on the water would be, as you do tend to move slowly in one direction or the other. I could not have done it without the help of captain/girlfriend, Mia!


A great day’s work and I came out really satisfied with the photos. Challenging light, new conditions and subject can make a shoot stressful, but this one was worth it.

Don’t forget to check out Kelsey Jacoby’s blog for tons of great info on health & fitness, lifestyle coaching, and travel.

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