Throw it in your pack and go; Bellroy Phone Pocket keeps everything secure and  worry-free in a sleek, sexy package.

I hate worrying about important documents while traveling. It seems like the art of going places gives you the extra headache of having to worry about boarding passes, receipts, vouchers, etc… and all of that adds up. You’re already carrying a boatload of stuff so it quickly becomes clear you’ve got to keep things in order. Anything I can get my hands on that solves those headaches and I’m sold. For me, the Bellroy Phone Pocket does just that and oozes with style at the same time.

A bit too big to fit in a pocket, (my pockets anyways…) the Phone Wallet is a great size for a mobile-phone, cash and tons of cards, plus a few documents, folded neatly. The perfect travel companion, I found the Pocket to group everything into a neat package, then get out of your way so you can enjoy whatever adventure is on the docket.

It does all this in a silky, leather wrapped enclosure, filled to the brim with handy pockets for whatever you might need. With sections for folded bills, coins, even a SIM card, I never felt like I didn’t have enough room to fit stuff. In fact, I was almost left wondering what some dividers were for, only later realizing that I’m an idiot, and yes, that’s a slot specifically designed for your house key. A house key!

Bellroy Phone Pocket Wallet
The Bellroy Phone Pocket and its many dividers

One thing I loved and absolutely needed in this sort of accessory was the ability to fit my HTC One, case and all, inside. I’ve had others before I’ve taken traveling or backpacking where I had to take the case off, and it’s a huge headache. Just as I mentioned before, all your essentials fit, with room for the small things that matter.

Don’t want to keep your phone in it? No problem. A mini pen, memory cards, flat trinkets… everything (within reason) fits inside. The Phone Pocket is multi-use and versatile, something you want when laying down the cash. Every divider is stacked neatly against it’s neighbor, which helps to minimize bulk. Just like other Bellroy owls, you will be amazed at what you can fit inside. Sneaky wizards, those guys…

Bellroy Phone Pocket Wallet
The Phone Pocket chock full of cards, cash and phone (with case)

The downsides? Short of the fact that you can’t use Monopoly money to buy one, I honestly can’t think of many. Sure, I was a little worried at first when the zipper seemed stuck upon arrival, but like a good shoe, after using it for a while, everything broke in nicely. I suppose the only real negative here is that my girlfriend keeps wanting to steal it from me and use it. She was suspiciously willing to be a hand model for this review…

Still curious? I know, it’s really hard to look away. I wouldn’t think about it too hard, once you get it, you’ll realize how handy the Bellroy Phone Pocket really is.

Disclosure: I received this product from Bellroy for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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