Review: ExOfficio GeoTrekr Shirt

I’m often faced with the dilemma of personal comfort and style. My job requires me to often be in several different climates throughout the day, especially during hot California summers.

In the office, I try to look sharp and generally wear business casual, meaning button-up shirt and slacks. When I’m out in the field, I still have to look somewhat professional, but staying comfortable is critical. In my long search for a “dress” shirt that would do both I came across the ExOfficio GeoTrek’r Shirt. Fingers crossed this one does the trick!

Left front chest pocket has a zipper to keep smaller items handy.
Left front chest pocket has a zipper to keep smaller items handy.

The main thing this shirt does well is weight, or the lack-there-of. The GeoTrek’r is light! Made with silk-like ripstop nylon, ExOfficio touts this as a wicking and breathable shirt, but I think both of those owe to the weight of the material. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have too much of the campy/military look because of the ripstop, but it does have the comfort of being now one of the lightest button-up shirts I own.

Military style buttons for your rolled sleeves keep the shirt looking neat, all day long.
Military style buttons for your rolled sleeves keep the shirt looking neat, all day long.

This lightness does come with a slight downside. While you probably aren’t too concerned about major durability while traveling, I thought the GeoTrek’r might work for hiking or backpacking. With it’s featherweight nature, I’m not sure I would trust it to such abuse. That’s not to say it would fall apart easily; the shirt is well made, though I could see it wearing fast from heavy pack wear, or just foliage scraping against it.

That being said, this is the perfect style for travel or just ultra-hot days relaxing. I’ve worn it on a hot, 107F degree day, and can confidently say, yes, it felt MUCH cooler than other button-up shirts I normally wear. I could feel any breeze cooling me off, almost like I wasn’t wearing much of anything, even with an undershirt on.

The white color I chose ended up being BRIGHT! These pictures might not do it justice, but I think they should label the color ‘Blinding White’ on the website. In full daylight, it’s almost that. Don’t eat spaghetti in this color.

Right hand chest pocket

I do have one big complaint about the shirt and that’s the fit. Most everything is great, and of course every person is going to have their own opinions, but for whatever reason the last bottom button of the shirt squeezes against my waist.

It’s almost as if the shirt was tapered inward from the chest for skinny-waisted dudes. It looks fine tucked in, but I’m going to be wearing this shirt untucked, and like so, it tends to give me a squeezed look, like my waist is much bigger than it is. To each their own, try it out. The lightness is worth experimenting to see if this is a shirt for you.

For me the price is worth feeling that much cooler. At $70, it is a bit steep, but keep in mind you may never buy a lighter-weight shirt than this. Curious? Visit ExOfficio to view more.

Disclosure: I received this product from ExOfficio for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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