snake bite co bottle opener

Snake Bite Co. Bottle Opener – The most fun you’ll have popping caps

It may not be something you think of first, but rest assured, after you use it for the first time, you’ll realize the bit of fun it adds to opening bottles of your favorites beverages. The Snake Bite is a two-pronged bottle opener / can piercer that has an an extra added flare of genuine leather and great branding, all made in the US of A. While you probably figured out quickly enough, the opener gets its name from the menacing ‘fangs’ that dig into bottle caps and fiercely opener your favorite brew.

It is absolutely necessary? Maybe not, but I’ve been using the new Snake Bite limited edition colors, Blood & Barley, for a few days, and these will end up replacing my regular bottle openers. One goes in the kitchen, the other makes a nice home in my camping supplies.

No, it doesn’t make my beer taste any better, but the personality and quality craft of these is always welcome. The fangs of the Snake Bite have a great grip when you pry open bottle caps, with all the right angles built into the handle for ease of use. A 100% leather sheath keeps those gnarly fangs out of anything you don’t want ripping to shreds. Basically everything besides bottle caps.


One of the things I love about Snake Bite Co. is the push to keep things within the states. Using domestically sourced leather, steel, and other materials, as well as assembled here, it’s hard to say no, especially when shipping is free in the USA. I always admire a company that strives keep things ‘local.’ Even the muslin gift bags are good ole’ Uncle Sam’s!


Another feature the Snake Bite touts is the ability to make cans drink and pour better. By piercing the opposite end of the mouth opening, air is allowed to flow into the can, while beer flows out into your thirsty mouth. I haven’t tried this yet, but I really can’t wait. The guys over at Beers in Sac surely have, so make sure to check them out. Who wants to shotgun a beer with me?!


Don’t worry, the Snake Bite Co. bottle opener won’t break the bank either. I would gladly buy one as a gift for a beer aficionado any day. I’ll be surprised if I don’t start seeing these on key chains of more bartenders. Low Brau, are you listening?

Disclosure: I received this product from the company for the purposes of review. All opinions are truthful and my own.

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