Night anxiety in the backcountry

11 thoughts on “Night anxiety in the backcountry”

  1. Beautiful words and pictures. I think the idea of vulnerability definitely applies, even inside: I know that I always feel tens of times safer tucked under a blanket than lying on my bed without one. I think that it’s just the psychology of being covered and protected in some way

      1. We always carry around bear spray. Thus far no bears around our site. I bet dogs do help deter them cause they are so laud. Great blog, I’m just learning and trying to figure this whole thing out. Instagram took me a while so I thought I would branch out and try this too.

      2. Well I’m certainly glad someone else feels the same way. You’re making me feel that much better about it, and I almost didn’t post for fear of sounding silly.

  2. I experience the same thing, it is a strage contradiction. I seek the physical solitude and escspe from the hoards, but am railroaded by fear at night. Fear of bears, horror show imaginings, sasquatch, or just simoly the unknown. I wish I could break the cycle, perhaps only through habituation.

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