Copyright Lukas Furlan 2014

The sweeping simplicity of Lukas Furlan Photography

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Italian born Lukas Furlan does simple right. Minimal even, sparse detail can be downright boring from other photographers, but Furlan has somehow managed the sweeping vistas and haunting night scenes with a masterful sense of shadow, light and color. I can’t help but pore over the details of each mountainside and wonderfully lit spec in his images. It seems these alpine studies are his mainstay, but I don’t mind one bit.

Copyright Lukas Furlan 2014

Nearly devoid of human life except for a few of his series, each shot draws you in with increasing curious. Questions arise, that make the images even more compelling. Accessible, but with a mature sense of tone, none are banal to me, but impose a deep sense of curiosity and longing, perhaps even loneliness, but a challenge nonetheless. Inviting and somehow either foreboding or eery, they remind of scenes where something is about to happen, good or bad. I still don’t understand how they are extremely calm and pensive at the same time.

Copyright Lukas Furlan 2014

Be sure to check out the rest of Lukas Furlan Photography on his 500px and Facebook.

Copyright Lukas Furlan 2014

All photos within this post are copyright Lukas Furlan Photography, 2014, and used with permission.

2 Replies to “The sweeping simplicity of Lukas Furlan Photography”

  1. I looked at some more of his photos and there is so much peace and harmony in all of them. Great discovery, I really like him! 🙂 And your perception that “something is about to happen, good or bad” is quite true and makes the photos even greater.

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