oahu, hawaii, kayaking

Another feature on the #REI1440Project


Humbled again! So pleased to once again be featured on REI’s #REI1440Project. This time, my kayaking shot from Kailua, Hawaii got up front.

REI asked: Why do I love spending time outdoors? My answer was easy:

It changes you, it heals you, it teaches you things about the world in which you live. How small or large we can be, how much impact we’d like the have. It gives you the energy you put into it. The outdoors tell you things about yourself and those around you.

It cleans you off and makes you dirty. Makes you smile and frown. It gives you a story and keeps you as part of it’s story. A never ending symbiotic relationship.

In the end, the outdoors can make you who you are, and in contrast, we can make the outdoors what we wish, for better or for worse.


Don’t forget to check out my blog post, Island color – Paint it thick, of on a recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii.

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