Open sky, open shutter – Lighting equipment test

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Taking on some new assignments for a local magazine (more on that later) means I’ve got to upgrade to some light modifiers. I hate not having extra light on hand for paid gigs, and that leads to buying new gear, of course. I buckle down and grab myself some proper light stands, umbrellas, etc. Off to the delta to try out the new hardware!


First off, I’ve always been a softbox guy. Though my use of off-camera light tends to be pretty limited, I’ve always found softboxes to offer, what I consider to be, the most pleasing aesthetic. This go around I’m taking umbrellas for their ease of set up and also did I mention they’re easy to set up? For what I’ll be shooting, beer and a quick portrait, I only want a bit of fill light for a natural organic look. I hope.

All in all, a great experiment with the umbrella. Mia cooperated fully, a rare occurrence, and soft ambient light was working for me. Clouds were darn near perfect too. Now onto technicals…

My light was off axis in front about 45 degrees and near eye level. For those interested in the rough strobist info for most the above shots: Canon 5DMKii, f8, 1/160sec, ISO50 on a 24-105mmL. A LumoPro LP180 flash was firing at half power into a white shoot-through umbrella on top of a Manfrotto 7.7′ stand. I’ll consider this a success, now I can’t wait to shoot that beer!


Also, we couldn’t THIS have been our backdrop? Shot just as we were leaving…

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