Gear update: Friendly Swede Paracord bracelet

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A cold, wet tent is an unhappy tent. While hiking in Pt. Reyes National Seashore, we felt the effects of a nasty cold snap. Freezing temperatures meant a cold night, but an even colder morning. Dealing with a frosted tent isn’t so bad on its own, but when your tent stays cold the whole day it’s another story. Which is where my handy Friendly Swede paracord bracelet comes in. I knew it would save my butt one day.

While setting up for a second night, I needed a way to quickly dry off my REI tent, so we wouldn’t be cold and damp. I had a length of paracord, but it wasn’t enough. I quickly pulled apart my bracelet, and voila, an extra five feet to hang my tent and rain fly with. Dry in 30 minutes! The best part, since Friendly Swede gives you a lifetime warranty, all I had to do for a replacement was send them some pics and the story, and they sent a replacement within the week. An all too important reminder that having the right gear is essential. I will never hike without one of these again.


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