Climbing out of the wintery haze – Peasant’s Ridge

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I needed to get out. What felt like an infection surrounded our city. A smoggy haze filled the air, and I was beginning to get cabin fever. Tule fog, as it is known settled in the valley and didn’t leave. Deciding to try Putah Creek at nearby Winters seemed a good idea. Maybe I’ll try a different trail this time. So I tempted my fate with Peasant’s Ridge Trail, one marked as extremely difficult. How hard could it be, right?

One week later and my quads are still a little sore. With 1,600 feet of elevation gain in 1.5 miles, this trail is no joke. Making things worse, I ended up mistakenly climbing up the side of a hill for an hour before I realized I wasn’t on any trail. Ooops.


Circling back and finding the right path presents you with a few interesting challenges. A steep ascent with rock and loose gravel means fighting the whole way up AND down. But once you do get to your destination, it’s worth it.


The view is always gorgeous. This trail lets you see Lake Berryessa Dam, as well as the Sacramento valley. Of course, you couldn’t see it this day, what with fog hanging around. But for the immediate view, a few hours of sun and sweat were all I needed.

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