Reflections on a year gone by

2014: one more year of positives. Of doing things my way, versus the ways others make me feel guilty for, or at least some that society imposes upon me. Another full 365 days of doing things that make me feel good, scared, anxious or even downright terrified, all because I choose that path.

Of surrounding myself with positive people, attitudes, and perceptions. Of being aware, trying to rise against the flocking tendency that others fall victim to. Of appreciation. That is, people, places, the smallest, imperceptible things. The minutiae that flies by is often the most graceful and rewarding.

Another year of being human, allowing myself mistakes, impatience, frustration, but remembering that one can choose the opposite. Not dwelling on the darkest, but the light within a dark place.

Seeing new things, trying new methods of thinking, being open to my surroundings. One more year of appreciating myself in full, and not selectively.

Realizing that sweaty palms and heart palpitations can be signs that the end of your comfort zone is near, and new-found understanding, just beyond the horizon. ‘Fear is the mind killer’ but hesitation and denial will suck the life out of you.

To all those that have inspired me, thank you. To those that I haven’t had the pleasure yet, I look forward to meeting you.



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