Nordic, Unpredictable – One week in Iceland (Day 1)

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Iceland was not as I expected. Or, at least, half of what I did, and half a pleasant surprise of awe and new found understanding. During my short excursion, I witnessed more natural wonders than in all of my life; Glaciers, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls of great magnitude and variety, a peek of the northern lights, and black sandy beaches.

Above all else, the looming threat that one only controls the outcome part of the time. The other, we are at the brimming whim of Mother Nature herself.

A first night, plunged into the inky darkness of the Icelandic landscape proved the extreme of my trip. Freezing temps and Arctic winds meant hugging the ground for warmth while trying to capture the northern lights.

We stopped at a peninsula, whereupon a cafe name Blue Ocean was the only refuge for those too cold to brave the arctic night. I thrived off the frigid temperatures, although they did slow me down a bit. A great quiver of Arc’Teryx gear though, and I was comfy as a puffin.


The night was clear and spitting wind caught every ounce of your heat possible. We were here to hunt the Northern Lights, and save for a bit of green goo in the sky, it wasn’t what I had hoped. Still, positivity remained. I enjoyed myself highly, even if it was simply sitting in the lime grass, enjoying the night sky, and trying to capture the moment.


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