Night shot featured on REI Blog for the #1440Project

Night shot w/ REI

What a nice surprise! This afternoon I found that REI chose one of my photos to be featured as a round up of their #1440Project for best shots done at night on a campsite. How cool is that? This week just gets better and better. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Don’t forget to visit the REI blog post.

The shot was taken at Round Top, near Lake Winnemucca and very close to Kirkwood/Silver Lake. Was taken at roughly 10 at night on a warm summer evening. Shot with a Canon 5DmkII with a Voigtlander 28mm f/2.8 lens. Exposure at 30 seconds, ISO1600 and wide open. You can find my original blog post for this shot, plus more. Also featured on Arc’teryx’s blog, The Bird.

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