DSLR Lenses and backpacking: Weight to awesome ratio

2 thoughts on “DSLR Lenses and backpacking: Weight to awesome ratio”

  1. I’m a total novice and really have no idea what I’m doing but I take my canon t1i with a sigma 18-250. It’s a heavy load but I’m only 100 lbs and my pack never gets heavier than 30lbs.
    I can’t take night pics, haven’t figured that out yet.. I’m also considering purchasing a small wide angle to bring along..
    Also I don’t manipulate pics.. They all come out just as I take them. I don’t shoot raw either..
    So question for you- how are your shots so brilliant? Simply because you shoot raw and know what you are doing?, or manipulation later, or all the above ?
    Gorgeous shots btw. Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes! I do use raw to bring out the details I want. Everyone has their own philosophy, and you should definitely use what works for you. A good argument for raw is that you are simply controlling the tones in your image, vs letting the camera do it for you. Whenever you take a pic, your Rebel chooses what type of color and contrast to use based on the photo profile you’ve told it to use. With raw, you’re basically waiting to choose those settings yourself manually on the computer.

      Night pics are another fun foray. Perhaps I’ll do a quick blog post on that in the future! Also forgot to mention I do being along a lightweight tripod for long exposures. A mefoto backpacker. Great little guy!

      I hope this helps!

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