Lux Lady, Mendocino, CA

An alien world, lion’s teeth and the gulch: Adventures in Mendocino

I can’t resist the magic of this place. Peaceful, with a vibrant energy, it is refreshing and lulling at the same time. A cabin, nestled on the coast, nearby Mendocino, CA, this place is truly a gem. “Pinewood Palace” it is called affectionately by those that visit, and it lives up to its name. I last visited in Spring of 2014, and the next time I visit can’t come soon enough.

The landscape features and varieties of light and mood always surprise me. Craggy, seemingly volcanic rocks shape a beach with spires, sea caves and desolate edges. The Mendocino Headlands is a bit of a haunting place, especially in the pitch dark of night. One must be careful not to trip and fall, lest they shred a hand on the sharp rocks here, or worse, take a tumble off the cliffs.

Mendocino Headlands

Sunset on the Headlands. Clouds and mist shrouded my view for the perfect shot, but this Lion’s Tooth showed off magnificently all the same. We waited for at least an hour for the sun to get to a prime point in the sky. All the while, the light was gorgeous. Zeiss 18mm, f22 at 2 sec, ISO50

Mendocino Headlands

Low tide at night shows off the multi-colored rocks on a beach at Mendocino Headlands. A pair of flashlights helped light the rocks at different angles. Being here at night was haunting. Zeiss 18mm, f/3.5 at 30 sec, ISO-50.

Mendocino Headlands

While trying to capture the lighthouse in the distance at 191 seconds of exposure, the clouds provided a nice silk on the night sky. Unfortunately, the lighthouse thing didn’t work as planned.

Moving north and inland, an almost tropical forest at Fern Canyon, of Russian Gulch State Park. A few miles wander along the only and narrow trail prove to be well worth the time. A charming waterfall with crystal clear water pools make a quiet place to rest and fuel up.

There is a peace that escapes description, almost a melancholy drone that takes over one’s mind while relaxing. I have found it in few places, save for these, and I expect to find even fewer in life. A sad fact, but one that makes the clarity all the more powerful.

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